Bought 18 Aug 2008 – Amazon

Another from the Amazon batch. In this one, Wallace, who I have always thought not quite as nice as Gorman (although a friend has told me he’s great at book festivals etc and redeemed him quite a bit – maybe he has odd scriptwriters on the telly) realises he’s hitting 30 and possibly needs to be a bit more of a Man, and instead of playing Xbox with strangers and staring out of the window, ends up doing a fair bit of DIY and hunting down his 12 best friends from his childhood. The stuff about growing up is funny *and* realistic, there is a great cameo from dear old Hanne, now his ex but still just as outspoken and acerbic, and a lovely feel to the book as he reconnects with old friends and finds out all sorts of things, both good and bad, about them and himself. Compulsive reading and I do hope he’s still in touch with all the people he did manage to track down.