Acquired via BookCrossing 24 Nov 2008 – RABCK from Kittiwake

Written in the 1970s and embued to an extent with that decade’s viewpoints (would a book on shyness now ask if you smoked a joint to relax, or recommend a collective community in California as a good example of a healthy society? Maybe…) this is a down to earth and caring look at shyness, how it operates and how it can be overcome.  I was relieved to see that there IS a kind of shyness where a person can seem outgoing, organised and in a leadership role, while in reality being crippled by their thoughts; and there is much to be said for the commonsense points on concentrating on putting the other person at ease, being ready with a few topics, being aware that people aren’t usually out to mock one etc.

I have to admit to not undertaking the exercises in the second part of the book, but these look like they would be very useful.  A valid, non-threatening and helpful book.

Will keep on hand to see if any other shy person would like it.