Acquired via BookCrossing 27 Jan 2009 – on a BookRing

Glad this was down for me and Matthew (unlike Neuromancer, which I had confused with Neverwhere, and I am sending straight on) as he read and enjoyed it at least.  I really didn’t like it.  I love Coupland as a rule and I’m sad to be disappointed by him as I was by Keillor a few weeks ago!  This did have classic Coupland observation and disaffected characters in it, but usually these are poignant and/or amusing and attached to some form of plot.  This just had novels within novels within novels and this nesting really annoyed me (It’s why I disliked A.S. Byatt’s* Babel Tower, so he’s in good company) and it was DEPRESSING, and after 100 pages I let it go.

* I recently found out that the young professor in Possession was apparently modelled on my old personal tutor at Uni, whose postgrad tutor was Ms Byatt!!! OMG!!!

Matthew’s review:
"Well this was definitely better than JPod which has to rank for me as one
of the most disappointing books of all time.

Anyway as I say this is something of a return to form for Coupland. Unlike
Lyzzybee I read this to the end and whilst I would agree that overall the
tone is somewhat sombre, it is nevertheless shot through with a black
humour which is instantly recognisable as Coupland particularly with the
Glove Pond parts.

So overall not his best work but far from being the worst.

Will send this to katrinat ASAP."