JENNIFER CHIAVERINI – Circle of Quilters

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Loan from Anglersrest

I bought the next one on in the series at Christmas but couldn’t find a copy of this one, so Julie kindly offered to lend it to me.

It’s always interesting to see how authors mix up things when writing a long series.  Monica Ferris introduces different communities and locations into her Betsy Devonshire mysteries, and Chiaverini tends to concentrate on quilting history, using her main characters’ familes as a starting point for an interesting excursion into quilting and American history.  In this book she takes a slightly different tack (ahem).  We meet the five people applying for a job at Elm Creek Quilts, with a long chapter each, and through this we get to see five different kinds of quilters – in style, background and in their place in more modern quilting history.  One older woman keeps quilting through the decline in interest in the art and the resurgence around the Bicentenary.   Another finds an antique quilt and crafts her own version of the history of its maker.   Another is challenged in her refusal to divest herself from the traditional womanly arts, and still another finds a new way to create, almost uninfluenced by history.

Each has an interview and then the Elm Creek Quilters we already know and love have to decide to whom to offer the jobs.

A lovely read, really interesting and absorbing as ever.

Thanks Julie! I’ll post it back soon!

ANU GARG – The Dord, The Diglot And An Avocado Or Two

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Acquired via BookCrossing 28 Feb 2009 – kind RABCK from Nice-Cup-of-Tea

I read this out of acquisition order (another one!) when I really needed a slim book to fit in an overstuffed handbag!

An amusing collection of word origins, some I did actually know already, but then that proved it wasn’t a spoof book – some of the early definitions and origins were so peculiar that I began to wonder! Good fun and a quick read. I’ll share with other BCers at the Birmingham meetup today.  Thanks again NCOT!

MONICA FERRIS – Hanging By A Thread

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Acquired via BookCrossing 10 Apr 2008 – RABCK from owl-music

Shock, horror, I’m reading this out of sequence! But I had to wait till I’d collected the earlier books in the series!

Next in the Betsy Devonshire series and Betsy is struggling with the community’s views on her seemingly reliable and honest workman.  When she finds that he is widely blamed for a double murder, she can’t help pick up the sleuthing hobby and start looking into it.  Meanwhile her Monday club people start to tell ghost stories, and there’s a couple of interesting mystery visitors to the shop – they weren’t filled out in this book but hopefully we’ll find out more in due course…

Don’t worry, Ali – I’ll keep this reserved for you for a bit as I only just gave you the last one!

CHARLOTTE MOSELEY (ed.) – In Tearing Haste

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25 Dec 2008 – from Matthew

The letters of the Duchess of Devonshire (a Mitford sister) and Patrick Leigh Fermor (one of my favourite travel writers) who have been friends for decades and are still writing to each other.  Of necessity there is sadness in the later years, as people die, but the letters are so joyful and loving and it celebrates a wonderful friendship.  Peppered with people I know from other reading and beautifully edited, with footnotes at just the right pitch and lovely interpolations from Debo and Paddy themselves.  I’m really looking forward to the Mitford Sisters letters now, as they are edited by Charlotte Moseley too.  Oh – and they read and enjoy the bookshop letters that Ali has just read and ringed!

Wonderful stuff and a real treat – I do like to have lovely big treaty hardback books for Christmas and this really fulfilled that need!

LUCIE CLAYTON – The World of Modelling

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Acquired via BookCrossing 12 Jan 2009 – from a bag donated by an old friend from Library college

Subtitled "and how to get the London model-girl look", this is written in 1968 and a marvellous period-piece of a time that was meant to be in the middle of liberation and exciting times for women… who can basically choose between careers as a model, a secretary or a wife.  Info on all sorts of long-gone models and designers and some sensible advice too. Very interesting!


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30 Dec 2008 – I think from the Red Cross donation bags

I enjoyed this coming-of-age novel, set in Cardiff and Oxford and following the fortunes of Rumi, a maths prodigy, who yearns to return to India and is pushed by her parents into a geekiness that she seeks to escape.  When she wins a place at Oxford and the numbers start to lose their shine, where will she turn and what will happen?  Interesting premise that is followed through – certatinly accomplished for a first novel.

What Kind of Boots Are You? (from misstemperance)

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You Are Cowboy Boots
You are incredibly down to earth and happy with yourself. You don’t pretend to be someone else.
You also tend to be very practical. You don’t really have a lot of room for fluff in your life.

You are a very honest and direct person. You will give anyone a straight answer, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable.
While you’re quite sensible, you always like a little bit of flash in your life. You don’t overdo it, but you do like turning heads.

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