25 Dec 2008 – from Audrey

A book in which ostensibly nothing much happens – a woman and her daughter move from a large, family house to a smaller one because of money issues.  The extended family pitches in to help, and that is where the glory of the book comes from – they are all so well observed, with their petty thoughts shown in a stream of consciousness style, undercutting spoken words and performed actions.  Patterns that have occurred through the generations are examined, socialist principles are mulled over but never quite acted upon, and we wait to see if Rhoda makes up her mind.

My only worry with the book was the presence of a lovely cat and kitten – we all know why animals are often put in books – but no, they are OK. So I will be reassured about that when I re-read this lovely, gentle but perceptive book.

Thanks Audrey!