30 Dec 2008 (charity shop)

"It is," thought Liz, "very annoying, *very* annoying, when your enjoyment of a book is spoiled by the hiccups of constantly repeated stylistic features."  She faced a dilemma. A very modern dilemma; should you keep a book or pass it on, if you’ve been collecting the author for years, but the latest book just isn’t very good.  She should have seen the signs before.  She’d lived with these books so long, their battered spines almost seeming to reflect the glow of an Aga, but sometimes you don’t see in the comfortable, what changes could come about. "I", said Liz distinctly, "think I’ll put it upstairs for a bit, to see.  And I’ll have a think about a play".

Sometimes it’s just HARD to be a WOMAN.


*bows* "thank you, thank you"