12 Jan 2009 – from Carrie’s bags of books for BookCrossing

I have decided that I would read the phone book if Marr re-wrote it.  I was not hugely interested in the history of journalism, although I am interested in social history, politics etc – but this is another MARR-vellously readable, well-written, interesting and enjoyable work.  I could hardly put it down.  He looks at journalists and newspapers throughout British history then focusses in on various aspects – editors, polical writers, columnists, foreign correspondents etc, bringing bits of his own experience in as he goes, with a witty self-effacement that enhances rather than just goes into autobiographical wanderings.

Excellent stuff and a candidate for my top 10 non-fiction for the year.  Unfortunately this book has a very loose binding with pages already falling out, so I’m going to have to retire it from circulation – but I’ll be looking out for a copy to keep and some to share.