21 Jan 2009 – birthday present from Matthew

A truly delicious book and I think it could be the next Miss Pettigrew.  Miss Buncle is the quietest resident of a country village.  Who would have dreamt that, to make a bit of money to make up for her sagging dividends, she could have written a wickedly accurate portrayal of her neighbours – both as they are and, in a fantasy section, as they would perhaps like to be.   As the book hits the village, hackles are raised as well as eyebrows…. but also something strange starts to happen, as truth begins to echo fiction.  Miss Buncle observes, backed up by her lovely publisher Mr Abbott and her marvel of a maid, Dorcas.  Will anyone realise who the real author of the book, one “John Smith” is? And what will happen when they do?

A lovely fairytale of a  book; I particularly liked the more monstrous characters and the gentle satire of genteel novels of village life.  Let’s hope Persephone decide to publish some more of this author’s work!