Acquired via BookCrossing 18 Apr 2009 – BookRing

Previously published under another title and republished by Transita.

Lotte, divorced with three children, goes for a job as head gardener to the rich but vulgar Brody and his trophy wife.  She restores the glory of the old garden, fighting with her employees and getting entangled with the local archivist.

I really liked the garden bits in this and felt the author would do really well writing a history of a real estate rather than having to be fictional – she really shone in her depictions of the real work of the place.

I found the characters pretty well one-dimensional and stereotyped – even Lotte (how *do* you pronounce her name? Lotty? Lottuh? Can’t be Lot as that’s what Brody calls her!) was the archetypal Transita heroine and I have read most of them. And if one more man comes up "triumphant" with glasses from a dusty cupboard I will eat my hat!

Anyway, the characters’ actions were often unlikeable and poor old Peter too much the other way.

But I did like the gardening bits and an easy read.