Acquired via BookCrossing 20 Apr 2009 – on a BookRing

Third in the Sisters Of The Quilt trilogy, set inside and outside of an Old Order Amish community in Pennsylvania.  Hannah has always been headstrong and independent, but content to live within the community.  But when trauma and tragedy strike, she is shunned rather than supported and ends up fleeing the community into the world of the "Englischers".

A great read and a good end to the trilogy.  The book tends to be contemplative and progresses gently, rather than in big shocking scenes and sudden revelations, much like the lives of its characters.  The author is good at "showing not telling", letting the characters reveal their strengths and weaknesses through their actions rather than being told how they operate.  Taking up where the last book left off, we find Hannah on her way back to her Amish community, called there by her unstable sister Sarah after another fire has been set.  As Hannah starts to build bridges with her home community, its values and differences from the outside world are thrown into relief.  Is there a middle way, where she can hold true to her own values yet not be trapped into a sometimes hidebound and over-judgemental group?  Is her love for Martin strong enough to deal with the 40 in TV and the dresses he wants her to wear? Hannah is a lovely character and so are Paul and Matthew, all shown as rounded people who make mistakes.

I will definitely look out for more by this author – there is mention of a new book in the back of this one…