22 Jan 2009 – from Julie

Evelyn Dixon moves from Texas to New England after her divorce leaves her reeling and lost.  She’s always wanted to run a quilt shop… and decides to do just that.  Just as she’s doing quite well and organising a Breast Cancer charity event, health issues hit and she’s forced to fall back on the support of some women she’s only just met, with her best friend and son at opposite ends of the country.

I enjoyed this read although worried at one point that it would go the way of the Friday Night Knitting Club.  Although there were some editing details (Margot switched between being blonde and brunette a couple of times!) and there was a slight feeling of a historican novel writer trying to get into contemporary writing by using the common (at the moment. Trendy?) theme of sewing shops and craft circles, there was a strong storyline and some lovely musings on quilting and community.

I see the author is turning this into a series, so it will be interesting to see how that develops.

Thanks Julie!