Acquired via BookCrossing 28 Feb 2009 – RABCK from Nice-Cup-of-Tea

I absolutely loved this book and can’t understand how I hadn’t read it before as it’s been around for a while.

Rather than the classic "story of English", this is the storIES of englishES, looking at the development of dialects, pidgins, creoles, the whole kit and caboodle, as well as the "standard" forms and how they came about.  A nice lot on Old English (I believe it should be taught in all English depts too!) and pitched just right, for both the more knowledgeable reader and the person who’s just interested in the subject.

I think what shines through is Crystal’s genuine love for linguistics, his real pleasure in picking at a tricky issue and his respect for and love of the variants of English in play all over the world and in the UK.

Thanks for a great read NCOT. I’m going to hang onto this till I find a copy for my Permanent Collection – available for loan though in the meantime!