Acquired via BookCrossing 12 Jun 2009 – on a BookRing

I enjoyed this.  Like some other people have commented, I don’t feel I totally got to  know the "real" Dawn, however at least this was pretty upfront, I am sure other, esp "celeb" biographies have the same effect, but maybe more hidden.  She is clear about protecting her family and, indeed, her best friend, who is mentioned a lot but not pictured much or clearly – and you have to commend her for that.  In other places this is very frank and open, also very funny but also touching and moving – and it’s great to see friends celebrated and cared for very deeply as well as family.  I didn’t mind the Madonna letters so much, there weren’t too many of them and although written in a fairly irritating style, what they had to say was quite serious underneath it all.

It’s not damning the book with faint praise to say it was better than I’d expected it to be!