20 Apr 2009 – Amazon Christmas vouchers (I think)

Interestingly, a book about running which seemed more aimed at the non-runner than the runner – a lot of explanation about what a lot of us take for granted. Which is no bad thing of course.  I really enjoyed this book where you get a real feel for how he runs, trains, how he started running, why he does it…. Loosely based around a sort of memoir and a look at a couple of marathons and a triathlon, there’s a fair bit about how he writes too.  I’ve only read one of Murakami’s novels, I think, but I enjoyed this insight, too.  The bliss, the zoning out and the pain of the long distance runner is evoked beautifully with none of the yucky, my-injury-trumps-yours stuff which often creeps into the subject.  Murakami runs to be alone, and runs because it’s a thing to do alone; he bonds with other competitors in his annual marathon and triathlon, but is very much his own person.

Happy points: he wears Mizuno trainers like me! and I liked a mantra he mentioned: "Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional".  I really like that.  He also has one about being a machine which I like.

So, a memoir, a book about writing and a book about running.  Not too long, always interesting and I will definitely re-read this.