24 Jan 2009 – birthday present from Jen

I’d been after this one for ages and it took me a while to read, as letters are an easy thing to pick up and put down and I had other reading goals to complete in the meantime.  Anyway, I took some big gulps of this over the weekend and got it finished.  A lovely book and you get a real sense of the women as *sisters* – the biogs and even the other letters I’ve read tend to treat them separately, putting them together only when they clashed.  But here we have the real, everyday work of keeping in touch, worrying to eath other about a particular sister and, as the book moves on, inevitably sharing their grief at the losses of friends and then, with horrible inevitability, each sister as she dies.  

Beautifully edited and introduced by Charlotte Moseley, who as usual includes just enough to help us out but not so much information that we’re flooded.  An introductory piece at the beginning of each section helps put things in context and help us understand what we’re reading.

Marvellous letters, great photos and facsimiles throughout, and truly a book to treasure.