Bought 22 May 2009 – Barnardo’s, Kings Heath

I will usually just pick up Summerscale travel books whenever I see them, as they offer quirky and individual travel tales, often written by fairly ordinary people.  This one is no exception, as a middle class, middle aged couple set off to walk around the coast of Britain.  They do it the "wrong" way (clockwise – I’ll have to check my other circumnavigation books now to see how they go!) and start off having to go backwards through all the guidebooks.  Just as fascinating as the scenery and folks they meet along the way are the everyday details of boots, plasters, tents, and, not least, their own relationship.  I do feel for Shally as her husband marches off ahead, and really appreciated her honesty about her feelings about the project and indeed that fast-moving husband of hers.

I wonder how they settled back down again once they’d finished the walk.  It was lovely to read about the support of their family, friends, fellow Rotarians and complete strangers, and the only improvement I would have wanted to see would have been more, and more detailed, maps.