Acquired via BookCrossing 30 May 2009 – from the bags donated by Julie and Barry

I did not like this book at all. I fell on it and a companion volume with glee when I spotted them, as Yates keeps coming up as a good read in all sorts of places.  I found this a mixture of John Updike (I was put off Updike by reading a large volume of samey short stories on holiday once) and Mary McCarthy’s "The Group"; like both these authors/books, it is set in the marriages of vague bohemians in 1950s New York and upstate New York, and like them, too, I found it hard to interest myself in the characters and their situations.

I made it to p. 180 or so of over 400 and could not face reading any more.

Oh well – not one, but two off the TBR mountain!

Jen, did you want to read this some time?