25 May 2009 – from Julie & Barry when they moved away

Hooray – I haven’t gone off The Novel.  This is a classic Lodge; I’m not sure if I’ve read it before but it stood up to a re-reading if I have.  An early Lodge, before he got into literay theory and displays of brilliance and humour, it takes Timothy, an ordinary boy growing up during WWII in the privations of South London and pops him into post-war American society in Heidelburg, courtesy of his glamourous older sister.  A coming of age novel, we suffer through travelling, social events and Girls with him, seeing everything through his eyes; but it’s also a powerful evocation of an interesting time, with a sensitive hero who has a lot to think about in the Germany he sees around him and in his imagination, as well as the more day to day events.

This is a reissue from 1984 and there’s an interesting appendix by Lodge about the writing, original publishing and reissuing processes.