02 June 2009 – from Ali, who found it in a charity shop in Southwold

When Ali asked if I’d like this duplicate copy of one she owned that she found in a charity shop (why do we only find duplicates? It’s not like either of us has the complete set!!) I had a look on the Persephone website and wondered if it was quite my thing, being in effect a murder mystery. I thought the same when I picked it up to read it.  But as soon as I met the heroine, Lucia, and recognised in her a typical Persephone Lady (often a mother, often a wife, devoted to her family but with a rich inner life of her own – of course!) and then started to get caught up in the fast-moving and wryly funny plot, I was enjoying myself… and all of a sudden it was late at night with absolutely NO ability to put the thing down! I loved this book – I loved the sweet blackmailer, the more and more complex situations, and the completely believable heroine, dealing with murder and mayhem much as one would handle a recalcitrant toddler or an awkward garden party.

Excellent stuff – and thank you again, Ali! (and Persephone for republishing, naturally)