05 Jun 2009 – Sensible Bookshop, Hay on Wye

A salutory lesson in "marry in haste, repent at leisure".  It’s a bit hard to identify with the author – yes, I know you don’t have to identify fully with every narrator/character to enjoy a book, but with a memoir or travel narrative it’s nice to be able to understand the characters’ motivations and thoughts.  This lady goes to Kenya on holiday, sets eyes on a Masai Warrior and decides he is the One.  She kind of pursues him, I’m afraid to say, and while it is admirable to have that kind of stamina, single-mindedness and persistence, it’s a shame that the cultures are so different, and the differences seem so insurmountable.  Mama is the character in the book who comes out best, and I hope her life continued well – she does her best to embrace her strange new member of the family. 

There are some harrowing stories of life in a small village with accidents and births gone wrong, and the book seemed to me to be sad without being moving, perhaps as the author’s actions seemed so very alien to me.  Not sure why – but it was interesting and the insights into the culture were of value.

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