Acquired via BookCrossing 30 May 2009 – bags from Julie & Barry

A Galsworthy separate from the Forsyte Saga but with similar themes and of course style. We meet Mark Lennan at three stages of his life and loves: first as a young man in love with his professor’s wife; then in mid-years in a romantic attachment with a married woman (echoes of the Forsyte Saga here although it ends in melodrama which was maybe a bit silly); and then as a mid-40s married man with his head turned by a much younger woman. Atmospheric and evocative, patterned (he flees to Italy after each episode) but not too much so, and although a little dispiriting, a lovely piece of writing. As the introduction says, it’s a shame that Galsworthy is not more appreciated these days, as his acqaintance Conrad is.