Acquired via BookCrossing 30 May 2009 – from Julie & Barry’s boxes for BookCrossing

I picked this one out of the boxes as I have enjoyed reading The History Man a couple of times.  This was a great read – hilarious goings-on in the English Dept of a provincial University.  It probably helps if you’ve *been* in an English dept but the general academic atmosphere makes it a funny read on many levels.  Treece is an excellent 1950s anti-hero and the goings on at parties etc makes for wince-worthy and unputdownable reading. The atmosphere changed a bit towards the end but still a good read.  Interesting afterword by the author but he doesn’t answer the question – is the truly dreadful Willoughby a portrait of David Lodge, his friend and rival in real life, or is it an amalgam of a few people?!