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I had fun cataloguing this (had to put a separate catalogue title entry reading "Texting: the great debate"*) and, of course, reading it.  Crystal really is the master of the accessible linguistics book and this was no exception.  His central premise is that there shouldn’t be such a foaming at the gills about "text speak": a) the features included in it have been used for decades in acrostics and other word games, b) the amount of texting that is in "text speak" is actually a very small part of the whole, and c) it is fascinating to see language change as it happens.  He looks at how we use language in texting, differences between ages and genders of texters, and there’s a particularly interesting chapter on the use of text speak in languages other than English.

Great stuff!

* yes, cataloguers out there, I know I didn’t need to do a 246 including the subtitle, but I checked, and I did.