Acquired via BookCrossing 08 Sep 2009 – BookRing

What it says on the tin really – the author spends a year trying to only spend up to £1 per day.  This has the feel of one of those blogs-turned-into-a-book, not that there’s anything wrong with this; it gives a book an immediacy and a propulsion through the project.  She’d read "Not Buying It" and had the same issues as me with that book (why maintain 2 households and have expensive haircuts then say you’re not buying anything) and from that point I knew I’d enjoy this book.

The most important thing Kelly does, I think, is *enjoy* her year. As well as not buying stuff, she makes the effort to go and find free stuff to do. So as well as the BookCrossing, Freecycling and Couchsurfing, she goes to concerts, university lectures, taster sessions for various activities, and enjoys them. This does make the book joyful and fun, and it’s not too preachy, even when she finds she does change her views quite considerably.

Like others on this bookring, in a way it’s preaching to the converted. I already BookCross and Freecycle, buy cheaper, non-branded stuff (I won’t buy dented tins though!) and am not keen on consumerism.  But it’s always nice to have your views confirmed, and there are a lot of resources listed in the back of the book that I wasn’t aware of.

A good read, worthy and fun too.