Bought 05 Jun 2009 – Sensible Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye

I had read Guest’s book about Second Life a year or so ago and both Matthew and I had wanted to look out for this one, so I was pleased to find it for £1.  A wistful and quite shocking – but not sensationalist – description of growing up in various Bhagwan Rajneesh communes, Guest manages to communicate clearly both the dislocating experience of being a child within the movement and the attractions and consolations it had for the adults.  A section at the end dealing with how he and his mother tried to resolve their issues was interesting and honest.

Quite a sad book, and made more poignant by the fact that Guest actually died a couple of weeks ago, suddenly and unexpectedly.  It made this quite difficult to read at times. 

Matthew’s going to add it to his TBR then I’ll probably offer it on a bookring at some stage as it is interesting and clear-sighted.