Bought 05 Jun 2009 – Sensible Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye

Working my way through those Hay purchases! Noticed that most of my TBR was acquired up to and including BookCrossing Unconvention in early July!!

I picked this up because of the publisher, TravellersEye – they do books about "ordinary people" who undertake travels in various places.  Usually good reads.  This was no exception.  Gwen, of unspecified age but with grown up sons and few responsibilities, decides to cycle from Seattle down into Central America (Mexico and south is actually another book entirely).  She wants to go on her own but ends up with a travelling companion for the first part and various friendships and a liaison along the way, none of them entirely successful and all narrated with a characteristic honesty and openness, and an acceptance that her own feelings and attitudes may cause some of the friction.  

Maka is hyper-aware of the Native American history around her.  I was worried about this aspect as I thought it might be mawkish and sentimental, or too supernatural for my liking.  But no; she is aware of the history, the events, the attitudes that modern Americans have; she has read up on the history and presents clear-sighted and sympathetic accounts, and is humble and respectful around the people and the sites.

A very good read, I must admit better than I’d expected.