From the Library

Mullins’ political diaries from 1999-2005 so bang up to date with my political history reading.  Mullin was on various Parliamentary Committees and a junior Minister in two different departments during this time, so he has access to both Blair and his circle and the workings of the civil service and ministries.  He is anxious to effect change but always phlegmatic about his ability to do so, and he celebrates small victories as he reports on the bigger issues of the time from the inside.  John Major, Tony Benn and Clare Short come off well, John Prescott he comes to think well of, and he had a slightly ambivalent relationship with The Man, as he calls Blair. 

Very interesting, human and readable (I loved the bit when he looked himself up in Piers Morgan’s diaries in a bookshop) and threaded through with his love for his North East constituency, his wife and young daughters and his aging parents.  Seems like a good, clear picture of what it was actually like to be an MP through this period.