Bought Sept 2008 (charity shop)

Another excellent Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators book (no 9 in the series) which is an odd series of mystery/adventure books written in the 1950s and published by Armada in the UK in the late 60s and early 70s.  I remembered Jupiter Jones and his two trusty sidekicks from early reading days and have gradually been tracking these down; not as popular or common as the Hardy Boys etc but findable in charity shops and second hand bookshops*.

Anyway, in this one, a clock with a scream instead of an alarm raises Jupiter’s interest; little does he know that it’s all mixed up with a trick-loving ex-radio and film actor and an international art theft team.  As usual, at least one person is tied to a chair and there’s mild peril but it’s funny, clever and jolly and just the thing for a chilly morning off, tucked up in bed with the cat.

* I have a few of these now BUT if you ever come across one, please buy it and let me know. I know at least one other person who collects them and they are infrequent but not "rare" as such (ie they’re usually cheap)