05 June 2009 – Cinema Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye

When will these people learn that to travel alone is usually more comfortable and less stressful (see the next read for an example!).  In this travel narrative, Smith pals up with an old University friend to attempt to travel around the world under human power; mainly paddle boat and bicycle.  Travails as well as travels ensue, one of the main ones being the crumbling of their friendship under the pressures of the endeavour.  There’s even a bit in the acknowledgements when Smith mentions his friend’s account of the journey being written. 

Although this is interesting, and joins my circumnavigation theme in my travel writing collection, there’s a fair bit in here that I wasn’t so fascinated by, maybe because they are young men and some of it seems a little… well, whiny isn’t the word but there isn’t a lot of maturity and useful introspection.  A few more photos might have made me feel more connected to it.

I see they do do educational work and continued to offer other people places on the expedition, which is admirable and shows a lack of ego and selfishness about the project which can be lacking in explorers – fair play to them.