Acquired via BookCrossing 21 Oct  – from Gill’s pile at the Cafe

These Agatha Raisins are very popular with BookCrossers and I have now got sucked in to yet another cosy mystery series.  This time there’s no needlework or book towns – Agatha is a slightly unpleasant retired PR lady who gets her dream Cotswold cottage, then thinks… what next? Soon she is involved in village life, but not in the way she quite expects…

I did find an oddly jarring note of racism (in the descriptions of Bill Wong) and homophobia (Roy) although these are both actually very sympathetic characters and I think the author is trying to portray them through Agatha’s wongly emphasising eyes… but it is a bit stalling. I found the same in the Irish Librarian books and wonder if other people feel they can skate over such things.  Anyway, there was a tendency to tell rather than show with Miss Raisin’s character and I wonder if this will smooth out as the series progresses.

I read this in one session, sitting in bed this morning.  I will be looking to read the others – hopefully Ali will be able to pass them on to me and Gill!