05 Jun 2009 – Hay-on-Wye Bookshop

Another volume of Mehta’s memoirs and again one of the fuller ones.  In this one we see him trying to get a place at College in America, having got through High School.  His Dad tries to help him financially and emotionally, and we find out how Dr Mehta got involved with the elderly woman as whose companion doctor he travelled for years, as well as Ved’s feelings about College life.  One interesting facet is that he tries to act as if he isn’t blind, even on occasion riding a bike and driving a car…! His feelings about and first experiences with women are explored, as well as his complex feelings about his nationality, blindness and intelligence.  Very interestingly, we also find him writing his first book, "Face To Face", which explains why that one skips through a large amount of his history which is retold later in more detail.

Engaging, interesting and at times heart-rending.