Bought 05 Jun 2009 – Bookends, Hay-on-Wye

More (long) short stories by this wonderful writer. The form gives Lahiri room to explore the lives of her characters, all immigrants from India living in America, but in various situations and levels of happiness. As in her other books, the writing and situations are deceptively simple but beautifully done and almost perfect in their completeness and clarity. I particularly liked the three linked stories at the end – following two second-generation immigrants and their feelings for their families and each other – you have to like a heroine who starts off hating the hero because she ends up with his cast-off coat when everyone else has pink girly jackets. I got a bit worried about a plot point near the end, but it was sensitively and well done and did add something to the narrative.

Excellent stuff – I’d like to see another novel from this author next.