Borrowed from Ali

Two more installments of good old Agatha. This series is certainly growing on me.

In the Potted Gardener it’s interesting to see a new character criticised for making patronising or bitchy comments, including ones about race, as that was an early criticism of mine. Maybe this was the author’s way of making up for that. Anyway we meet a deliciously nasty incomer to the village – will she get her comeuppance?

A slight error of continuity – at the end of that book Agatha leaves her cats with her next door neighbour, then in Walkers of Dembley we find them being returned by her cleaning lady. But I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t chain-read them! In Walkers we meet a group of ramblers and the landowner they come up against. Agatha and James have to team up and, indeed, at one stage pretend to be husband and wife! I guessed whodunnit for this one but a jolly read.

Gill, these are 3 and 4, do I pass both of them to you or do you have one of them?