Borrowed from Becky

Matthew and I both read this over Christmas. Not the cheeriest of reads, as the frontman of the Eels has famously had a rather… loss-filled life, ending up with pretty well no family (even his cousin and her husband were killed in 9/11). It’s written in a very matter-of-fact, deadpan way, a style which reminded me of Douglas Coupland. I’m not that keen on knowing all the background to novels and songs (a harkback to my Death Of The Author thing at University, which at that time lead to “cleverly” not having to read any secondary texts but just reacting to the text itself) but it was interesting as a document of his career. A very fast read – I actually got through it in an evening. Everett himself says he’s not sure why he’s written it, which may be false modesty and may not. Actually, at the end of the book I didn’t find myself feeling I knew him at all, detailed descriptions of painful life events notwithstanding. Glad I’ve finally read it though.