Acquired via BookCrossing 29 Aug 2009 – at the Rugby meetup

I thought this was an NSS gift and was a bit worried about what I’d thought of it – if I’d realised I’d just grabbed it at a meetup I might not have persisted with it.

I think this was trying to be a Bonfire Of The Vanities for Korean-Americans. Set in New York, we meet Casey, arguing with her Dad, not at all traditional, obsessed with hats and trying for a career in Wall Street. Her parents, sister, friends, lovers and colleagues at the financial institution and a department store form the rest of the characters. Unfortunately, although there was some interest, I wasn’t really engaged with any of the characters, and there seemed to be a rather cold authorial voice, and an awful lot of “telling” rather than “showing”. To be honest, I don’t think I’d have completed this long book if it hadn’t been the only one I had with me on a trip over New Year’s Eve – by the time we came back I was over half way through and it seemed a waste not to persist with it!