Acquired via BookCrossing 08 Sep 2009 (at the Trafalgar Square Plinth meetup!)

Memoir of growing up in the 70s with a fixation with Doctor Who.

Hm. I thought this would be better than it turned out to be. There was more Doctor Who than I thought (why did I not realise??) but in a completist way that imagined you remembered all the monsters too, whereas I got a bit lost. No real explanation of which programme was which in the stuff about the current series, either, which got a bit confusing. Anyway, I liked the Doctor Who bits that I did understand (I still did like C Ecclestone, though) and I actually thought the life story bits were a bit dull and self-important. It feels like he read Andrew Collins’ (wonderful) autobiographies, except Collins has a more amusing way with words, is much less self-important and actually did some interesting thing and describes them well.

It was amusing and might well have been a better holiday than snow-bound read. Matthew is going to give it a go anyway. And thanks again for letting me nab it off your Trafalgar Square pile, Weebs!