Borrowed from Becky

A non-fiction from the Birmingham-based "lad lit" novelist, this is the story of what happened when Gayle decided to try to grow up (he thinks it’s time now he’s got a mortgage, a wife, one child and one on the way!) and go through all the things on a to-do list he’s had in his head for some time. When he writes it down, he discovers there are over 1,200 items on it, but he decides to try to get them all done in a year.  From "make a will" to "find out what happened at the end of the x-files", from keeping in touch with old friends to finally unsticking that window he painted shut 3 years ago… well we all have these things don’t we (hanging the pictures we moved with in 2005 is one of ours…) and it’s a hilarious and sometimes touching read as he works his way doggedly through them.  Helped by a motley crew of friends from his Sunday Night Pub Club and tolerated by his wife, he gives us hysterically funny diaries (I particularly enjoyed the "drink more water" one) and longer discursions.  He even does some unofficial BookCrossing at one point.

Hilarious but meaningful, read-out-loud funny and highly recommended.