30 Jul 2009 – Waterstones (3 for 2)

A companion to his book about the North (Pies and Prejudice) which I so enjoyed, this is another excellent slice of gentle travel writing.  Some genuine laugh out loud moments, some places I’d like to visit, and just a nice read (not damning with faint praise here) as he goes in search of the real Middle England, not a world of huffing, puffing Daily Mail readers, but a kind and tolerant place where people help their neighbours, take an interest, and have bizarre but gently hobbies.  He got Tunbridge Wells spot-on, so I assume the rest was good too.  If he’s sentimental, which I think he is, it’s not in a sickly sweet or annoying way, but out of a real love of some of the places and things he experiences during his journey.  A great read.