Acquired via BookCrossing 22 Jan 2010 – passed to me by Jen

This is in the nature of a bookring, as I’m to pass it to Ali next, hence promoting it up the pile.

The umpteenth Caper Court novel.  A new set of colleagues is joining Caper Court, including an old female friend from Leo’s studying days, a beautiful young man, and an older lawyer intent on becoming Head of Chambers.  They bring with them their clerk, with whom Our Felicity has already had an entanglement.   So – will Peter stand by Felicity when she has trouble with her drug-obsessed brother? And, most interestingly, will Leo stay faithful to any of his three mistresses – dependable Camilla (except she’s on a case on the other side of the world), exciting and amoral shipping line owner Adriana, or The Law.

A good read.  Have we got to the end of the series yet?