Borrowed from Ali

This one is almost entirely set on Cyprus, where Agatha goes to pursue James on their ill-fated honeymoon.  But of course, there’s murder round every corner and Agatha must heave her boiling hot self around the island to try to solve it, while they are trapped there as suspects.  I feel the author is a bit cruel to Agatha here, putting her in upsetting situations with the man (or men!) in her life, and making her hot and runny-of-makeup all the time; maybe it’s to make her a bit more mellow when she’s back home.  There was a lot of tourist information bolted into the book, supposed to create background but actually looking like that common failing of "I’ve done the research so I’ll show you it all!" although this is undermined in one part where Agatha is reading chunks out of the guidebook.

Anyway for all that, it’s the entertaining and undemanding read we want and expect it to be.