19 Oct 2009 – Amazon

This novel is cleverly set in California in the late 60s when various human rights struggles, including of course feminism, are becoming more and more active and obvious.  So at what at first seems a fairly generic "group of women meet regularly around their interest in x and get involved in each other’s lives" novel also looks at the way a slightly older and more settled and "traditional" generation of women react to these events and changes.  Also, their formation of a writing group is refreshingly different from the book group / knitting / quilting theme that this genre often follows, and there are some lovely insights into the act of writing for your friends, and criticising their work.  I also really loved the theme of the history of women’s long-distance running, which is subtly there and probably only really noticed if you, like me, have an interest in and possibly knowledge of that subject. 

I have read quite a few books similar to this so my only small criticism was that I could see some of the plot lines coming, but then there are only a certain amount and range of life events a group of women can experience without the plot getting outlandish, and there are good, strong scientists and athletes to enjoy as well as the homemakers and mothers.

I enjoyed this book and I’m going to share it via BookCrossing as I know a number of other people who will enjoy it too.