19 Dec 2009 – Borders closing down sale

This one was on my wishlist so I snapped it up in the Borders sale.  Seb, a jobbing writer with some time on his hands, has a think about how his parents’ generation almost automatically does good deeds, charity work, etc and decides to try doing the same, to see if it makes him a better person.  He therefore takes up a few different volunteer jobs, including working in an Oxfam shop, litter-picking, working with asylum seekers and taking up running for charity.   It’s an amusing read but he does also make some serious points as well and does indeed feel he becomes a better person.  I liked the bits about running, of course, which I hadn’t expected, but the whole thing was a good read.  

I’m going to register this on BookCrossing as it’s the type of book I know BCers like to read.