25 Dec 2009 – from Bleuroses (LibraryThing Viragoite)

One of the lovely parcels of books I received from fellow LibraryThingers, even though I couldn’t join in the Secret Santa this year (I have been busy re-balancing my karma since by finding Virago books and sending them on to group members!)

This is quite an odd book, which only really works if you’ve read "The Ballad and the Source" (which I have, years ago).  It starts off very floaty and disjointed, in a house near a hotel on a Carribbean island where our nameless heroine has gone to lick her wounds after a holiday with her lover has fallen through.  Her confusing jumble of impressions starts to clarify as she lets the island – and one of its inhabitants – work its magic on her, and the good old colonial old-school-tie network works a treat as she finds a connection with one of its recent citizens.  The book becomes a powerful love story, and the atmosphere of the island is evoked beautifully.  And you don’t even have to wonder what happens next, as an afterword by the author explains her plans for the never-written sequel!