25 Dec 2009 – from Gill

For anyone who loved "The Swish of the Curtain", you’ll be delighted to know that Longwater Books have reissued it, and the second and third in the series, this one and "Golden Pavements".  I do hope they’ll republish the rest of them too, as they’re hard to get hold of in the originals.

This is the charming and delightful story of what happens when Maddy, youngest of the Blue Door Theatre Company, is left alone during the Easter holidays when all her older friends stay on at drama school to put on a production.   Only her sister, Sandra, comes home, and she finds a cross Maddy, struggling with rules and arithmetic.  But one day Maddy makes a new friend, who opens up a whole new world for her…

Mrs Potter-Smith and the dear old Bishop make appearances of course, and this is just as jolly and as good a story as I remember.

Longwater Books are at http://www.longwaterbooks.co.uk – thank you for reissuing these adored favourites!