Bought 12 Jan 2010 from a local charity shop.

I want to keep this but I’m going to send it on a bookring first, as I know quite a few people will be interested.

Hickman and his wife (well, Hickman, really, as we shall see) decide to try to live their lives more "ethically", whatever that means.  They invite three environmentalists to do an audit of their lives and home, and the comments of the auditors are interspersed throughout the book, in the sections that discuss food, cars, gardening etc, which is useful.  Hickman finds that getting his wife on board is harder than he thought, and eventually that they end up with different parts of life that they are happy to change.

An interesting book as they are very much a "normal" family with a terraced house and not quite enough money to always buy organic or have replacement sash windows and photovoltaic panels put in.  I did feel a bit guilty reading some of it but, then again, like the Hickmans, we score major environmental brownie points by not having a car (thanks again to the people who give us lifts when we need them!!)