Acquired via BookCrossing 06 Apr 2010 – bookring

As someone who feels out of place in a 4, let alone a 5 star (and never quite felt I lived up to living in Central London) (although I have also only stayed in a backpackers’ hostel once), I could identify with this couple’s feelings as they embark upon their journey around the best hotels in the world, won by entering a competition in a magazine that they got from the library.

But I’ve also come to realise that it’s the middle-rank, aspiring places (and people) who are unsure of their rank and place that are the snobby ones – really posh establishments (and people) are often a lot more laid-back and accepting.  And so it seems in these hotels, from the Paris Ritz to a hotel in Brazil – and if only Tiana and Trevor can realise that, they might have a better time. 

I enjoyed this book immensely – Tiana and Trevor come across as likeable and honest and, like SKingLIst, I enjoyed the acceptance in the book that travel can be exhausting and induce home- and friend-sickness. The part in London was particularly poignant, as we have dear friends made in London and now many miles away, with not many opportunities to see them.  I also liked that they stuck to their careful habits in the main, staying at cheap places in between, arriving at posh hotels on the bus, but that they learned to treat themselves when it was worth it – which is valuable knowledge to arrive at.