19 Dec 2009 – Borders

A lovely book which I think I’d seen advertised and put on the wish list – and there it was for a small amount of money in poor old Borders, in their big sale when they closed down.

This is a charming read – basically Taylor takes a load of country diary writers from the 1600s through to the 2000s and includes one or more entries, in chronological order, for each day of the year.  So we see some people battling with snow, others seeing spring, on the same day, and we also follow various diarists such as Gilbert White and Francis Kilvert, pretty well through the whole year, while others are more spread out or only appear once or twice.  Some moving, some a bit yucky (Kilvert was a bit naughtier than I imagined) and some describing the countryside very lyrically – but all are of interest and I’m considering reading this again through a whole year one day.  Lovely woodcuts on the cover and for each month, too, and useful biographies at the end (which I wish I’d noticed when I started the book)