Borrowed from Ali 13 May 2010

With Gill’s hope to read this soon hanging over me (not really!) it was the perfect read on Friday night, when a cat-bitten arm was sore, a small-business-owner was happy but wrung out from extracting a late payment from a customer, and a small librarian had gone out on too many evenings a year.  A cuppa, a couple of jelly babies and a book to retreat into – perfect!

This stayed on form although Agatha seems a bit depressed.  A haircut is the perfect pick-me-up but she gets more than she bargained for when she meets Mr John, he of the wizardry with hair and the uncannily blue eyes.  As Agatha feels short of friends at the moment, she invests in this friendship until things suddenly seem not quite right… and the results of her expeditions to Evesham are literally hair-raising.

As well as the jolly plot (which I felt went a little flat at the end of the mystery, though not of the book as a whole), there was more gentle fun-poking at the Cotswolds Industry and an excellent vignette of the vicar getting crosser and crosser when Agatha turns up unannounced.  As usual, looking forward to the next one!