12 Jan 2010 (Amazon)

Brenda & Effie 2 and things start to hot up for our two heroines of Whitby.  Shiela Manchu is having a problem at the fabulously seedy Miramar hotel and she calls in the girls to investigate.  Meanwhile, Jessie isn’t really feeling herself after her beyond-the-grave experiences, and a visiting Icelandic professor seems strangely familiar to Brenda – but so many of her memories of her long life are packed away and inaccessible. What’s haunting Brenda? Will lovely Robert see his Aunt Jessie back to normal, and what lurks in the newly popular Miramar BBQ garden?

Fantastic stuff, marvellously told, with slapstick, shocks, laughs and beautifully observed moments as Brenda and Effie’s friendship itself comes under the magnifying glass.

I have the next two in the series (book 5 out in October!) and have a funny feeling I’ll be promoting them illegally far up the TBR mountain before long…