21 Jan 2010 – from Jen

Subtitled "Live Well and Spend Less", this book will indeed help you do this if you don’t already.   To be honest, I did know about quite a lot of the stuff in this book, however, like Andrew Marr and Paul Magrs, I will read anything with India Knight’s name on the cover.  I’d read the phone directory if they rewrote it.  Knight has a particular writing style which I really like – it reminds me of novelists Victoria Clayton and Barbara Comyns, or broadcaster Claudia Winkleman and I can’t pin it down except to say it’s direct and confessional, wry and… oh I don’t know. I could type out examples but go and follow her on Twitter or something and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyway, even for mean and thrifty examples like me, there are lots of good resources; the part on holidays was particularly useful and there are some good recipes, tips and bits and bobs throughout the book without it being worthy or preachy.  She could have mentioned BookCrossing in the recycling bit but there was a lot about another favourite, freecycle, so I’ll forgive that. 

Both a good read, and useful.  And a particularly thrifty acquisition, as I put it on a wishlist and was bought it as a present!